Surat al-baqarah ayat 216

Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang, padahal berperang itu adalah sesuatu yang kamu benci. Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.

freedom of the press...part2

  • Friday, October 1, 2010
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    >>Freedom of the press: Right or Privilege?<<

    before this I had explained about a case study related to press freedom. Now i will stroy2 about freedom of the press as privilege given by government of Malaysia.

    basically press or in the other words media in malaysia are been controlled by the government. There are 3 ways how the government controlled the press; ownership, laws and self censorship. Most of malaysia media-stream are be owned by government or company related to government. Umno owned utusan and NST, MCA owned the star, nyanyang, and the others are owned by friendly government company. There are several laws that control the media in malaysia. Popularly known laws are ISA, OSA and AMCP. Those laws cause all news paper need to get a permit yearly. Freedom of the press is the freedom of communication and expression through vehicle including various electronic media and published material ie: newspaper, blogs and news portrals.

    Now, i will discuss the pro of press freedom as government privilege.Privilege in this term mean "exclusive" as its freedom controlled by the government. With the laws, government are able to controlled all the media in Malaysia except the internet as the freedom of the internet had be protect under MSC. however, recently there is opinion or suggestion that ask the government to censor the internet information. When the press is controlled, all the informations, news and reports need to self censorship first by the editors before been published. The controlled of media is to protect the basic value of our nations.Nilai2 teras yg sgt dititikberatkan ialah public safety, nation safety, races harmony and perpaduan society. When we see on the authorities perception,  the public safety must be the 1st.Press freedom as a privilege is an utilitarian approach by the government. each news that comes out in the news paper will have the consequences after that, so by the control of the government, the media will only publish the news that give advantages to all and news that least harm.This reason make the control as ethic action because the control of media provide "the greatest good for the greatest number'.  So the public freedom must be put aside.Malaysia is very unique country with multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural. So the control press's freedom are crucial things to protect the "unique" of Malaysia. Racist is the serious problems in Malaysia that will cause chaos and serious situation. Because of privilege, the harmony between race can be maintained. As example, if there is demolished of the Hindu temple by Malays, reporters tend to not report it on news. this is to prevent the situation to become more worst. So, this is become more reasoning rather than emotion. In our multi racial society the responsibility of the press goes beyond accuracy reporting. The sensitiveness of the various race need to be considered.  Government has duty to protect the rakyat interest, and by this it fulfill its duty. it is a common good approach.The everyone advantages is be considered. The control of media will provide the peace among race and its benefits for all person.If, the reports on temple demolition, police harassment, pembunuhan antara kaum, and others are come out in media what will happen to our country situation? any issue such this yg keluar di media akan disusuli dgn tindakan yg x "sepatutnya". People are easily "distracted" and  be "influenced" especially when talking about racist.  Publicized about this  by the media, the politician would have been forced to respond, Action have be taken by the authorities and a more human approaches called for.  The same is true of death in police custody, and the plight of Tamil schools. But without the media holding the government privilege, nothing changes and anger builds up and that is dangerous. it just making a problem than solving a problem. Political stability and the peaceful co-existences among the races are two important condition which the government strives to promote and preserve restriction in order not to ruffle these sensitiveness as a limitation to the proper and effective working of the media.

    The control of press's freedom, enable the government to manipulate it to stabilize the economy condition as well as political condition. Besides, it also be used to solve the problems that came arise which can mengugat kestabilan negara. as example, most of news are reported the limited reports about anti-malaysia in indonesia and does not publish any report that will provoke the malaysian. The government use this to protect its  international relationship between indonesia. Any reports that make the malaysian anger just will cause the unnecessary action that waste the country.
    as well as in economy, government tend to give the positive things rather than spreading speculation. In financial crisis 1997, all the media during that time are controlled tightly by former PM, Dr.Mahathir until he was listed as top 10 most media freedom enemy.  Back to the story, Dr M has manipulated media fully to protect the economy and political sustainability on that time. All media in malaysia needed to report a positive things about the economy and they cannot report on the cause of the economy crisis except menyalahkan george soros. media juga digunakan untuk memberikan kenyakinan towards people terhadap kerajaan yg memerintah utk memulihkan ekonomi. As a result, Dr M succeed  to improve the Malaysia economy situation while the others countries in Asia, bertukar tampuk pemerintahan disebabkan krisis kewangan. this clearly show hows it important to control the freedom of the press.

    its is undeniable that freedom to get the truth is the right of the people. But the excess@ unnecessary informations just creating problems. ....



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